Santorini Boutari has a bright yellow color, a beautiful nose with flower aromas of lemon tree and jasmine and a well-structured palate with aromas of exotic and citrus fruits. It is a zesty refined wine with a perceived saltiness, an intense mineral body and a high acidity that gives a splendid finish. It pairs perfectly with fresh grilled fish with olive-oil lemon and thyme, fresh or steamed oysters, shrimps with lemon dressing, pasta with seafood or oysters, Greek salad, salads with sauce vinaigrette, cheeses with mild acidity such as feta or goat cheese. Enjoy it chilled at 10-12°C.

Grape Variety: 100% Assyrtiko
Region: Santorini
Country: Greece
Classification: PDO Santorini – Protected Designation of Origin Santorini
Category: Dry White Wine

All the fruit for this wine comes from the volcanic and sandy soils of Santorini. The vines are 50-60 years old and are caned pruned trained in a woven basket called “Kouloura”. The average yield is 2500-3500 kg.

All grapes are hand harvested. We select incoming grapes by hand for optimum quality and then cool them at 10°C, before they are destemmed, crushed and pressed. Part of production undergoes cold soaking to maximize aromas into the must. We transfer the free-run juice to fermentors and rack off the lees at very low temperature to achieve optimum clarity. We then proceed with alcoholic fermentation at 14-18C to achieve primary and secondary aromas. The wine is finally transferred to stainless steel tanks to gain volume and complexity by fine lees stirring for at least 3 months before bottling.

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