Cointreau NOIR 750



Inspired by the Majestic, a recipe Édouard Cointreau developed in the early 20th century, the blend marries the citrus freshness of orange with the velvety caress of cognac. Fresh orange mingles with the velvet-smooth caress of cognac, making it an exceptional alternative to premium dark spirits. Sophisticated aromas of vanilla, honey, nut, almond, gingerbread and a touch of spice give Cointreau Noir its particularly smooth and mellow finish. Its depth, complexity and versatility make it perfect for the finest cocktails. The richness of Cointreau Noir can also be enjoyed neat or on ice
A luminous gold spirit with amber highlights and broad legs
Pearly clouds appear when served on ice
Orange zest bouquet with notes of vanilla, honey, dried fruit and hints of almond and walnut
Rich and complex
Fresh and fruity with a smooth texture
Orange peel balanced with notes of vanilla and oak
Long start and bittersweet finish
Fresh orange with the velvet-smooth caress of cognac
Aromatic complexity and opulence

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Weight 3 lbs