Cutty Sark 1.75



If you’re looking to fill your glass with a new favourite flavour, look no further. Cutty Sark’s two whiskies are beautifully crafted in different ways, to be enjoyed for different occasions.
Both born to be mixed, Cutty Sark has remained synonymous with creating great tasting drinks for enjoying in great company.
The first and most famous of the Cutty Sark family, this blended scotch has been a worldwide whisky icon for the last 90 years. It’s safe to say that being around for nearly a century means we really know our stuff.
Cutty Sark is an easy-to-drink blended scotch whisky, which is light in colour and flavour (but heavy on the fun). It was created for mixing with mates – without overwhelming anyone’s taste buds!
Tempting; golden and bright. Cutty Sark is smooth; vibrant, sweet and uplifting – trust us, you’ll want more.
Clean; balanced and lively with vanilla and citrus fruits. It’s accessible; fresh and enticing with subtle hints of vanilla ice cream and caramel.
40 %
70 cl

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Weight 6 lbs