Good Old Parr


Scotland- On the nose, the whiskey is malty, very scented, cake-like. Big on the palate; notably firm-bodied and malty, with notes of grain and toasted sesame seeds and a touch of honey. The finish is soothing and long, developing slight lemon grass and peatiness.


Old Parr is a blended Scotch whisky with a smooth and accessible flavor that is perfect for sharing. A unique bottle design typifies a different perspective on life.
Old Parr 12 is a full-flavored Scotch whisky, smooth, mellow and accessible to the palate. It is the culmination of all the effort and experience from our master blender, expertly bringing together different types of casks from several distilleries. This dedication has resulted in a perfect balance of soft green leaves, honey and fruits notes, which combine to create an attractive, velvety flavor to enjoy along with the best moments of life.
Color: Full Gold
Nose: Clean, Light, and Crisp
Taste: Ripe Fruitiness
Finish: Clean and Gentle