Structure with a vibrant background. Delicacy in the aging of the grape and its elaboration. Passion for detail that is perceived in a wine that subtly transmits its origin and identity.
• Varieties: Tinto Fino (93%), Cabernet Sauvignon (4%) and Merlot (3%).
• Alcohol: 15%.
• Soils: Limestone texture with red clay and white marl. Low grain size and high water retention.
• Altitude: 850 meters.
• Harvest: manual, in boxes of 15 kg

own character
Pago de Carraovejas 2019 is the most honest reflection of the valley to which it owes its name. An environment in which the vineyards climb its slopes to form a unique landscape. On the surface of its soils of tertiary geology, limestone loams, clays and sandstones outcrop. These are lands that force the vines to make an effort to self-regulate and give the best of themselves. Plots that converge in an orography marked by its unique mesoclimate. The vineyards are distributed from the middle areas to the moors that exceed 900 meters of altitude; from the gentle undulation that descends towards the stream, to the plots that exceed 30% slope. Slopes facing south and north, each with its own personality, draw the profile of the Carraovejas valley.

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